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Mission Statement

We created this website to show you new home offerings in the Naples-Fort Myers area and also let you know that we are here to help you find your perfect new home.
We sell new homes from Naples to Fort Myers. Buyer representation is our business. You would not go into the courtroom without an attorney, why would you go into a new home sales center to make the biggest purchase of your life without representation?

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Service Experience Dedication

We love to sell real estate. We enjoy helping our clients achieve their goals of buying and selling real estate in our wonderful, beautiful area and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you.
Involved in numerous real estate transactions on the Buyer and Seller side for over 32 years. New home sales is a big part of our business!
We are dedicated to providing the best client service possible from contract to closing and beyond. Client satisfaction is our main goal.

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9 Reasons to Use a Buyers Agent To Purchase a New Home

1. It's Free
Buyers Agents are paid by the Builder.

2. Builders Do Not Represent Buyers
The builders sales reps will not represent the Buyer, they represent the builder. A person would not go to court without legal representation, why would a Buyer make such a large purchase without representation?

3. Contract Reviewed and Explained
A Buyers agent will review the contract before the Buyer signs to give the Buyer an opinion on the contents of contract and point out any concerns.

4. Local Knowledge Advantage
A new home Buyers Agent knows the local builders and new home communities and will provide lots of helpful information.

5. Builders Welcome Buyers Agents
Builders welcome Buyers with Buyers Agents, since Buyers Agents bring in about 70% of their Buyers.

6. Price Is The Same
The price is the same whether or not you are represented by a Buyers Agent.

7. Negotiation
A Buyers agent will help the Buyer negotiate the best deal possible with the builder.

8. Expertise and Advice
A Buyers Agent will help with all aspects of the new construction purchasing process, such as site and floor plan opinion with resale in mind, upgrade options opinion(some upgrade options can be done after closing at huge savings), construction photos, and walk throughs.

9. Know Your Options

A new home Buyers Agent will show a Buyer all new home developments and resale homes that best fit the Buyers criteria before the Buyer makes their final decision. A builders rep will be reluctant to send a Buyer to a new home community that is a better fit for the Buyer and will not show the Buyer resales homes.

Honesty Integrity Knowledge at Southwest Coast Realty

Honesty Integrity Knowledge

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